Investment diamonds

Available diamond sizes:

1,00 mm – 1,25 mm (0,004 -> 0,007 ct) 1,25 mm – 2,00 mm (0,007 -> 0,03 ct) 2,40 mm – 2,70 mm (0,05 -> 0,07 ct) 3,00 mm (0,10 ct) 3,50 mm (0,15 ct) 3,80 mm (0,20 ct) 4,00 mm (0,23 ct) Powyżej 4mm (0,23ct w górę)

Quality feature evaluation

In qualification systems there’s a rule, that cut diamonds are subject of quality assessment and the features, which are subject of quality gradation are: colour, clarity, cut, carat.

We import the diamonds with chosen features on the customer’s request. Are you interested in investments in diamonds? Do you need gemstones for your own production? Send us an email on, or contact us by phone 697 879 713.

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